Bomberos (Firefighters) is a 2011 documentary directed by Ieva Jusionyte. It follows a group of volunteer firefighters in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, on the border with Brazil and Paraguay. “Nobody obliges us, but the pain of others,” is written in red on the wall of a one-floor building in the very heart of town. Created in the 1980s the Iguazú firehouse has been staffed entirely by volunteers. These are men and women who have regular jobs to support their families, but who respond to the call of duty 24/7, who treasure camaraderie and honor more than any other reward, and who, despite the limited means available to them, continue their vocation to serve the community. Focusing on the experiences of several volunteer firefighters, this documentary highlights the achievements and struggles of their everyday lives in a remote firehouse.


“Proximidad. Periodismo de investigación” was an independent television program produced by Ieva Jusionyte and Javier Rotela. It was broadcast on C.V.I. Canal 5 in Puerto Iguazú, Argentina, in 2010.

We called the program “Proximidad,” referring to the law of proximity, a principle of organization in Gestalt psychology, which holds that objects or events that are near to one another in space or time are perceived as belonging together as a unit. The aim of the program was to investigate topics important for the Iguazú community from different angles of the argument. The first show was on mandatory military service (which some politicians wanted to reintroduce as a solution to what they saw as the loss of values and the prevalence of violence among Argentine youth), another one – on gay marriage (Argentina was the first country in Latin America to legalize it, though Iguazú, where Catholicism had a strong hold, had a hard time accepting the new legislation); we also investigated the problem of urban waste and the accusations that the municipality was burning trash illegally; and we did a program on child trafficking and illegal adoptions. The latter was especially difficult to produce, because, although stories of where children were sold and bought and for how much circulated, nobody wanted to speak on the record.

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